In order to be successful in real estate investing, it’s important to recognize trends in the industry. One trend emerging in 2020 is affordable multi-family housing opportunities. These opportunities are the result of changes in the economy and can provide a chance for success in real estate investing. With the right affordable housing property, you can be well on your way to making progress toward your business and financial goals.

Low-Income Housing Affordability

The economy has changed significantly in the housing industry, which has led to a shrinkage in the availability of single-family homes. That means they are becoming less affordable for home buyers and investors alike. To address this shift, multi-family housing has become more popular for people seeking housing as well as those who want to invest in real estate. This results in a lower chance that properties will remain empty, which would mean less likelihood of losing money on the investment opportunity.

Tax-Exempt Legislation

Another reason affordable housing is a trend in 2020 is legislation that has been passed recently to promote building and running these multi-family housing opportunities. Most notably, tax-exempt legislation provides a notable financial benefit for real estate investors. The goal of the legislation is to boost the economy, especially in the area of affordable housing. Knowing there is a tax break involved might entice people to shift into this area of real estate investing, which will result in overall benefits to the economy, communities, and meeting families’ needs.

If you are looking for real estate investing opportunities, researching multi-family affordable housing is a good idea. With the changes in the economy in recent years, affordable housing, particularly for multiple families, is a valuable investment. This 2020 trend will give you the real estate property you need to stay ahead of the industry curves and achieve success in your investment portfolio.