Renewable energy isn’t a fad that will go away. This is good news for entrepreneurs who are looking for new opportunities. Whether you decide to invest in the industry or adapt your business model to renewable energy products, you are sure to find ways to benefit from the environmentally-friendly trend.

Consider Your Interests and Knowledge Base

The renewable energy business is much more than solar panels, wind farms and ways to generate electricity. You could invest in the distribution of products or get involved in the installation. Think about your areas of expertise to find the right opportunity.

Put Together a Business Plan

Your business plan can be a great springboard for your opportunity. By putting together a business plan, you can see how your idea will fit into the industry, your community and your area of expertise. You may find another business that you can use as a model to develop your plan. Do market research. Study the competition. Talk to potential customers and suppliers.

Finance Your Business

All businesses need money. You have to find a way to maintain financial stability. Check government funding at the U.S. Department of Energy for incentives for businesses that are offering sustainable services. Look for state and local funding. Have a business plan that you can show to investors and venture capitalists.

Update Your Business

Consumers want to shop at businesses that have the same values. Even if your business doesn’t seem like it would lend itself to the renewable energy industry, you can still make your business greener and let your customers know that you are an eco-friendly business that recycles, reduces and reuses. As you update your business, look for rebates from EnergyStar or your local utility companies to help pay for your updates.

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