If you run a business, there’s no time like the present to go green. This post takes a look at several ways you can turn your operation into an eco-friendly one.

Make Recycling Easy

Employees are much more likely to recycle if it is not a difficult task. You can make recycling more easy at your eco-friendly business by providing numerous recycling bins that are clearly labeled and distributed throughout the office. A good rule of thumb is to locate a recycling bin next to every trash can.

Make It the Policy

Company policies can ensure all employees are working toward creating and running an eco-friendly business. For instance, making it a company policy to recycle old computer equipment can prevent such gear from ending up in the landfill.

Support Green Transportation and Telecommuting

Writing for The Balance Small Business, Susan Ward recommends making it convenient for your employees to get to work using green transportation methods. Providing bike lockups and kicking in toward employees’ public transit costs are two ways to do so.

Partner with Other Green Companies

Another way to run an eco-friendly business is to support other companies that have similar goals. For example, when choosing between vendors, try to prioritize environmentally friendly companies.

Cut Down on Paper Waste

Cutting down on paper waste is easier than ever. By relying on digital documents, your company can greatly reduce the amount of paper it uses. Features like e-signatures mean printing is necessary in far fewer circumstances than in the past.

Encourage Employees to Turn Off Devices

There’s no need for computers, printers, and the like to remain on and consuming energy when the office is closed. Encouraging employees to turn off devices before they leave for the day can save energy and reduce utility bills.

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