Did you know that veterans own approximately 2.5 million businesses in this country? Many people, including other business owners, are not aware of the prevalence of veteran-owned businesses or what they can do to support them. Beyond being good for the economy, supporting veteran-owned businesses is a tangible way to give back to those who sacrificed so much for us. If you’re uncertain of how to show such support, we hope the ideas below will help.

Hire Veterans for Your Own Company

In 2016, the last year for which the United States Department of Labor (DOL) released statistics on veteran employment, nearly half a million former military members found themselves without a job. An excellent way to show support for veterans is to let them know they’re welcome to apply at your company. You can do this by posting your job listings at a website called VetJobs.com and checking the DOL website for additional resources.

Offer to Mentor a Veteran Who Wants to Open a Small Business

Think of how many questions you had as a new small business owner and then consider it from a veteran’s perspective. For those who have only known military life, transitioning to civilian life is enough of a challenge on its own. Now imagine trying to navigate the bureaucracy, obtain funding, and everything else that comes with going into business for yourself. Offering support and making yourself available to answer questions could mean the difference between a former military starting a veteran-owned business successfully or failing before even getting it off the ground.

Host a Social Event for Veteran Business Owners

Everyone thrives when they take time away from work to socialize with others, especially those with similar life and business experiences. Whether you’re a veteran or not, consider hosting an event for veteran business owners in your community. This also brings people together to allow them to begin supporting other veteran-owned businesses besides their own.

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