Finding the Right Commercial Real Estate Financing

Purchasing a property is a big investment, and you need the right tools at your disposal. That means not only a great team that can investigate its condition and the costs of renovating it into the right state, but also lining up the financing that will allow you to reach your goals without getting in the way of a good return on your investment. Since different investment goals have vastly different strategies, the best way to make sure you always have the right tool is by making sure you have access to the widest range of financing tools available. That’s the idea behind Nations Capital Financing putting together a diverse portfolio of commercial real estate financing choices for our customers.

Short-Term, Long-Term, and Even Sponsorship

Check out all the options for your next commercial property investment:

  • Bridge Loans are becoming more and more popular as investors look to acquire, improve, and turn properties over a short period
  • Construction Loans are there for larger building projects, unlocking new funding as you hit milestones that build equity benchmarks into your property
  • FHA and HUD Financing provides you with support when you participate in federal housing programs as an investor
  • Traditional Commercial Real Estate Financing involves amortizing, fixed-rate loans you can depend on for 10- or 20-year terms
  • CMBS Loans provide many of the benefits of traditional loans, but with some prepayment restrictions that allow them to offer lower interest rates
  • SBA Loans give small businesses the chance to get great rates and terms so they can invest in the facilities they need to expand or establish operations
  • Mezzanine and Equity Sponsorship combines investment sponsors and financing packages together to get you the reach you need to fund larger projects
  • International Financing delivers you access to the monetary funds and high net worth individuals who can empower projects on a global scale

For more information about these options, contact us today. Our associates can also help you start an application.