Financing Receivables To Manage Cash Flow

If you’re looking for a powerful tool that will unlock your ability to manage your cash flow without stress, even when you have a lot of invoices out, then this is probably the cash advance you need. Accounts receivable financing lets you get a cash advance against your outstanding invoices as long as you’ve already delivered the product or service. This allows you to get your cash and tend to outgoing expenses when you need to handle them. Keep your credit sparkling while allowing your customers the breathing room they need.

Advantages to Factoring

  • Payment insurance on your customers
  • Access your cash when you need it
  • Outsource your accounts receivable
  • Predictable fees can be folded into future quotes
  • Reusable—finance new invoices when you need them
  • Automatically receive the remainder of your payment after collection

Talk To Our Team Today

Does your business qualify for this powerful tool? That depends. Do you have invoices outstanding for work you’ve already delivered? That’s really the only requirement, in terms of business structure and assets. For more information, contact us and let a Nations Capital Financing associate talk you through the details. That way, you can ask any questions you have about how this will work for your company. We can even get you started with an application today.